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    Size : 18.5*13.3 cm

    Name :  makeup  brush

    Style :  Beauty  Care  Makeup  tools

    Material: aluminum tube/wooden/polyester wool

    Item weight: 195 g opp bag/PU bag 310 grams/sets

    Useing :  cosmetics


1.This brush set contains different fashion design brushes, which is practical and can               meet your basic needs of daily application.

2.Made up of high quality material, which is durable to use and will provide great care            for your skin.

3.With fashionable and attractive brush , they will not easily to scratch your skin and                 easy to stick powder,no fading or dropping, you can use it for longer time.

4.Ideal for the application of powder, foundation, blush, concealer and other uses for               face,eyes,etc.

  • Description: solid wood, 12 different brush head shape, suitable for powder, blush, grooming, bottom makeup, highlights, shading, eye shadow brush, eye, face before use! Ultrafine synthetic hair light, comfortable and professional! 1. OPP self-styled bag without LOGo, 2. PU bag, no LOGo

  • How to choose cosmetic brush

    1, best choose natural hair brush, because of the natural hair brush is soft, elastic, contact with the skin feel comfortable, and easy to stick powder, natural coloring. Synthetic brush is relatively smooth, but not easy to powder coating evenly.

    2, soft brush to smooth and tight and not easy to fall off, handle should be easy to use.

    3, select brush, usable hand feel its elasticity, and can also will brush direct pressure on the desktop, good quality of the bristles will assumes the circular distribution and no gap.

    4, will brush in hand back back and back and forth several times, no brush off is the top grade.

    5, identify the bristles authenticity, with hair dryer blowing hot air brush, keep the original state of animal hair, brush Mao Cheng curls are man-made fiber.

    How to wash makeup brush

    1, can choose special brush cleaner, or use mild washing products, such as baby shampoo, etc.) for cleaning. When using the brush cleaner, each one yuan coin size of cleansing cream daub makeup brush after soaking, knead gently, then rinse in cold water.

    2, never against hair cleaning.

    3, after cleaning, gently with tissue or cotton pad on the brush, make rapid moisture out, don't lay the bristles, causing the structure loose and even hair removal.

    4, after dry, makeup brush can be hang up, let the brush Mao Chao under dry naturally. Do not use hair dryer blowing hot or in the sun insolates, lest hurt material.

    How to store makeup brush

    1, most makeup brand will be equipped with corresponding cosmetic bag, can also according to have the quantity and specification to purchase. Usually small cosmetic bag for storing small brush, brush or travel is relatively commonly used; Big is suitable for storage of professional makeup brush.

    2, at that time don't brush brush head up best in cylinder is makeup. Long-handled brush works, but the inconvenience carried, might as well according to the size of the cosmetic bag for a shorter big brush.

    al! Suitable for beginners and professional makeup girl!