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      Size :  5.8-6.2 cm  3.9 cm - 4 cm
      Name :  makeup  sponge
      Style :  droper
      Material :  non-latex

      Color :  colorful
      Package :  one  pc  with  plastic  bag
      Useing :  cosmetics


      100% Brand New & High quality

      Give you a foundation application every single time.

      Make up Sponge, apply it like a professional.

      No streaks and no areas with too much makeup or too little.

      If used daily, we recommend washing your sponge once a week with a mild cleanser.

      Baby shampoo or any low soap will work. Rinse well and air dry.

      NOTE: The sponge is designed mainly for makeup, not for facial cleaning.

      This project will not change in the water. Just an ordinary puff.

  • How to Wash & Dry:

    Please use bar soap to clean.Dolovemk highly recommend washing this blender after every use to prevent mold and bacteria growth. Using a dirty sponge can

    lead to breakouts. Also, bacteria grows in moist conditions. So, make sure to gently squeeze out all the water from the sponge and use a towel to absorb any

    excess before you let it air dry on a clean surface. Please lay a clean towel on a table and place my sponges on there to dry before storing them in a candle jar.

    (Do not dry it in a container or makeup pouch where air is limited!)

    How to kill bacterial strain:

    Please pour freshly boiled hot water over my sponge (in an old mug) and hold it down with a spoon for a couple minutes. Then pull it out and rinse with cold

    water. Works pretty well.